Growing your safety culture: Thanks HortNZ

HI All,

With engagement being a key focus under HSAW 2015, actively growing your health and safety culture has become a key part of doing business. For those who want an easy to follow guide on how to ‘Do Safety’ check out Keep Safe, Keep Growing: How to be healthy and safe in horticulture.

What is in it?

HorticultureNZ and WorksafeNZ combined forces to create an animate online guide that you can work through with your team. It includes:

  1. An introduction and 3 step Interactive Guide to build your safety management system
  2. Useful guides for developing hazard maps, emergency plans, training registers, maintenance records and incident registers
  3. Information on how to manage children and young people, worker engagement, WorksafeNZ Assessments, Managing Contractors, Wire Strikes and On Farm Visitors & Events

Even if you don’t work on a farm, it’s worth taking ten minutes to go through it and make sure what you are doing matches up. For example, are you….

  • Demonstrating that you are actively managing safety?
  • Involving everyone?
  • Keeping accurate records?
  • Planning for emergencies?
  • Identifying risks?
  • Maintaining equipment?

Best Tip for Building Your Safety Culture

My Fav Bit was the slide on ‘Brief Back Brief” which is something I’ve done with my clients for years.

  1. Explain what results you want
  2. Ask the team to think about it and come up with a plan
  3. Ge the team to tell you how they think it needs to be done
    1. How they are going to do the task
    2. Safety factors they identified
    3. How they will know the jobs been done well
  4. If needed give feedback on how it could be even better once the team has finished
  5. Agree on the times you will check in


Anyway, it’s always worth having a look at what other industries are doing and seeing if there is anything you can do to improve your safety culture.

Have a safe and productive week.


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