Performance Interviewing for Senior Management

 Interviewing for senior management positions can seem just as grueling as your first ever interview. It’s time to ‘re-engage’ with ‘interview speak’ and make sure you present yourself as a polished professional.

To ensure complete confidentiality your coaching sessions will take place in a private room at the Dunedin Club.

The two coaching sessions have been designed to give you absolute clarity about what you can offer your new organisation, and give you the confidence to answer any interview question.

Learning Outcomes: Performance Interviewing for Senior Management

At the end of this session, you will know how to:

  • Prepare for and manage different types of interviews
  • Effectively answer strategic interview questions
  • Answer those “Tell me about a time…” questions as a Senior Manager
  • Manage difficult questions such as – Why you want to leave your existing role?
  • Manage the post interview process
  • Make the most of your referees
  • Negotiate the best salary package
  • Transition from one company to the next

After your session, you will receive a written report assessing your interview style, the gaps in your interview technique, and some tips on how to make your interview presentation even better. You will also be given ongoing phone support and the following fact sheets:

  • Interview Preparation
  • 50 Top Interview Questions and your personal industry specific questions
  • STAR L Answers
  • Your questions for the interviewers

Investment: $250 per session

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