Interview Coaching

 Interview coaching teaches employees how to interview effectively – a critical skill in today’s employment market.  Competition for jobs is intense, and employment law is complicated, organisations can’t risk being unprofessional.

You need to prepare yourself for structured interviews so you can be polished and assured on the day. With practice, anyone can learn the skills and techniques to interview well.

Seeking a new job is a marketing exercise, and there are many reasons why you may want to change your career. Is your current role driving you crazy? Are you facing redundancy, a student looking for your first job, or returning to the workforce?

Whatever the reason, the best candidate for a new role doesn’t get the job. The person who can promote their C.V. and provide interview answers that exactly match what an employer needs, gets employed.

Customised Interview Coaching

Employ Me Now! offers a range of coaching sessions, each one can be tailored to your level of expertise and the industry that you are interested in working in.

Your coach is an experienced Human Resources professional who has been both a recruitment consultant and an HR/HSE Manager, responsible for national recruitment.

At the end of your interview coaching session, you will be given practical feedback, interview tips, and facts sheets to help you develop your own tailor-made answers.

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