Interview Coaching Testimonials


Here are a selection of interview coaching testimonials that have been written by candidates who have been through the Employ Me Now!  interview coaching process.

Bridget: Disability in Sport Co-Ordinator

To come out of my session with Sarah with a clear structure on what I needed to do to prepare me for my interview was definitely worth the investment tenfold.

I was able to put the scrambled interview questions I had in my own mind into a format where on the day I was giving clear, concise and confident answers to any questions asked of me.  Surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the interview.  Knowing that I had done the preparation gave me an enormous amount of confidence. I’m happy to say I got the job!


AJ Ackerman: HR Professional, Auckland

“I found Sarah to be extremely helpful in making a daunting experience both comfortable and approachable. She not only provided me with tangible and useful information, she also gave me confidence in my abilities and skills and the motivation to promote them. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone as I have confidence in her knowledge, insight and ability to get the best out of everyone.”


Andrew – IT Specialist, Dunedin

Sarah, thank you so much for your help with preparing for my recent interview. You were able to think of many angles that I had not, which made the interview so much easier and more relaxed. While I did not get the job, without your help I would never have got down to the last 2 of 7 interviewed.

I was also very impressed with the way you kept in contact and followed up throughout the process. As well as providing a great service, you showed a genuine interest in my current role, the position I was applying for and me as a person. I would definitely recommend your services (and in fact already have!) to my friends and colleagues.


JD – Pharmacy Tech, Dunedin

With the help of Sarah and her interview coaching I was able to gain confidence and valuable skills in an interview environment. Sarah helped me to focus on my current skills, what I enjoy doing and creating a career with a future that would get me further in life.

I learnt how to sell myself and my skills to an employer and make myself and my CV stand out from other applicants.  Sarah equipped me with the tools I needed to answer interview questions effectively.

Sarah’s genuine support and enthusiasm really encouraged me to succeed and aim high with my employment prospects.  I have been able to land myself a job with a future and I love it.


Jacqui  – 4Trades Facilitator Otago Chamber of Commerce Dunedin

I want to start by saying Thank You Sarah! If it had not been for all the helpful information I received from Sarah I would not have had the confidence or skills to answer the questions at the interview.  Sarah was amazing with her knowledge of the interview process. She helped me to put together a dynamic CV that stood out from everyone else. It was logical and exactly what your future Employer wants to know about you.  I now have a job I love, and I now do the interviewing.

I found Sarah to be very honest and open with me. She really helped me nail that job interview.I have always found them nerve racking, but with all the help Sarah had given me, I walked into the interview full of confidence –  Thank you again.


Becs  – Planning Inquiry Manager from Hamilton

As a former HR Manager, Sarah offered me her advice and guidance in attaining my first professional role.  This was no mean feet! Equipped with a BA in Geography and a minor in Environmental Management, from Otago University I wished to start my career in planning.  Sarah provided me coaching throughout the entire process by meeting me prior to interviews, after interviews, and finally advising me through negotiating my contract.

Sarah provided me invaluable help in all aspects of job seeking including identifying what type of workplace and role I work best in along with which areas I could develop for the benefit of my employer, what the different types of employers are after, improving my CV, mock interviews (immensely beneficial), how to manage difficult interview questions, and how to follow up from the interview.

Sarah was a rock through what is largely an unenjoyable process for most of us.  She provided me with valuable support material, was constantly encouraging and intuitively supportive.  Her wealth of experience and personality enabled me to gain a position with the Waikato District Council as an Enquiry Manager under the Planning umbrella.  I am enjoying my new role immensely.  Sarah is both professional and inspiring, and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking employment.


Linda Duff: Visionary Leadership Coach from  Dunedin

This really works!! I have been self-employed for 20 years so to go back to working for others was rather daunting.  Sarah’s highly effective and empowering Employ Me Now programme began with focus questions about what I am really looking for in employment, who I would like to work for.

Sarah made constructive suggestions about my CV which facilitated me being able to present my skills and strengths on paper in a way that stands out to prospective employers.  The interview coaching was absolutely transforming as Sarah gently guided me to what interviewers are looking for by asking certain types of question.  The lights came on inside my head as I “got it” – how to present myself in person and communicate who I am and what I bring.

Sarah’s extensive HR experience and knowledge gives a strong base for this programme.  Her belief in me, encouragement and passion along with her professionalism and supportiveness made me feel that I had an employment guru on my side.

Thank you Sarah!


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